As our world evolves, we strive for better, faster, bigger, stronger in everything we do: communication, travel, building, food, beauty and health. We have more options with less standards than ever before, at what cost?  In the beauty industry, some of the ingredients in many products and color play an active role in the deterioration in the health of the consumer and those who use them professionally, that is all of us! We care about the health of stylists, the health of the guest and the health of your business. This is where Transcendence was born!

In 2016, Errol Anderson, founded Transcendence Distribution when he saw a massive opportunity to bring the world-renowned natural hair color, Natulique, to the United States and launched the product in 4 states. The mission for Transcendence is to provide luxury products to the beauty industry that perform at a higher level, focused on sustainability to keep the salon’s clients, team, and business healthy and thriving. Providing exquisite product options that perform are important to our clients and to our salon guests.

As Transcendence has grown, so has the mission, our awareness and passion for the changing needs of our industry as far as Luxury products for professional and retail use! We are growing an incredible portfolio of first class options that align with industry trends, just for you!  The market for natural, sustainable luxury beauty products that can actually perform was limited…. Until now!

Let us share with you!

We are excited to introduce you to Natulique!

Why NATULIQUE? What good is beautiful hair when it is a risk to your health? NATULIQUE works with the world’s best stylists and salon owners. They are the artists of NATULIQUE. Great work naturally demands great products, which is exactly the core business of NATULIQUE. We supply stylists and salons with the highest quality materials that they need in order to perfect their art and trade. With over twenty years of experience, we know what it takes to be a great stylist, what it takes to create perfect hair colors and hair care products that comply with the highest standards set forth by discerning stylist all over the world.

Natulique has taken the initiative with an industry-leading formula that represents a paradigm shift in the beauty industry, not only raising the bar but also restoring and preserving our most important asset, the health of the consumer and provider, YOU! This amazing product line offers much needed transcendence in the beauty industry, the performance and results are just as beautiful!  Don’t just take our word for it, Natulique won 2016 Organic hair color of the year in London.